Mike Pence, Leading Us Backward

(photo courtesy of http://www.wbez.org)

Mike Pence had little substance while in Washington, and appeared frequently on Fox to take Tea Party shots at the President, so why is anyone surprised that he lacks substance as governor?

When he came back to the state, he rode in with familiar faces, visited friendly places, and then left.

Now he’s in charge and no longer has a voice because there is nothing to stand out against. The buck stops at his desk this time. It’s unfamiliar territory being a leader versus building an audience with anti-Obama rhetoric when Fox is providing you a platform of misinformed viewers.

As G. Sam Sloss pointed out, Hoosier voters get what they deserve. This will be a painful 4 years, and I can already hear the “We told you so!” crowd coming from a variety of organizations.

On a positive note, while the food movement across the nation is gathering strength and local organic farmers and other small producers provide new food sources for Hoosiers interested in their health and wellness, Mike Pence will be the Governor as our lawmakers enshrine corporate farming practices which promote diseases, environmental contamination, animal abuse, synthetic hormones and steroid injection to the meat we ingest, and contributes to 90% of human diseases which can be avoided.

Hoosier’s health and wellness already ranks near the bottom of all states according to Gallup Wellness indicators. Health care reform is going to place a much greater emphasis on personal responsibility for health figures like BMI, and hospitals will be looking toward prevention methods and diet will become a single focus for the entire nation.

Meanwhile, Indiana, under the leadership of Mike Pence and with the corporate lawmaking assistance of ALEC, will be passing legislative bills and putting forth constitutional amendments to enshrine corporate farming practices (CAFO’s).

We are being led in the wrong direction, so we’ll find out real quick about the real Mike Pence and who is showing up to lead the state real soon…

For more information about Indiana’s Ag-Gag bills to enshrine CAFO’s, visit: http://muncievoice.com/6890/alec-involved-in-indianas-ag-gag-lawmaking/.


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