Americans Should Not Accept Austerity Cuts While the Elite Dodge Taxes – Muncie Voice

More and more stories being revealed about the Big Industry CEO’s who are pushing for austerity measures on the American people have not been paying their corporate taxes due to credits, tax incentives, tax loopholes, etc.

They are not contributing to government services while they’re making millions in salaries, receive valuable stock options, have access to premium health plans and retirement packages.

Then stand before the American people and tell us we cannot afford Medicare and Social Security.

Anybody else see a double standard? Hypocrisy?

And because of the Washington public officials who have granted them tax loopholes in exchange for campaign contributions, they’ve accumulated significant cash positions and are hiding this money in foreign banks to avoid paying taxes in this country. Not sure about anyone else, but this does not sound like patriots to me. Why should the American people make due with less while these raiders are living lavish lifestyles and using high priced lawyers and accountants to hide money from the government.

While they are in the media spotlight, lets ask them to pay for their fair share of government services.

What’s worse is our elected officials in Washington are also pushing for austerity while they receive lavish salaries, retirement benefits and healthcare packages.

The greedy have a gigantic set of brass balls to stand before Americans who have been suffering since 2007 while we bailed many of their asses out in 2008-9, and ask us to accept austerity while they avoid paying for government services.

Enough is enough.

Lead by example ladies and gentlemen…you start taking a cut in your luxury packages first, and then we can talk. Until then, we are not interested in what you have to say. Leave the social network in place and make the elite and their corporations pay into our treasury.

“Fix the Debt” CEO Group a Sham – Muncie Voice.


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