Gallup Poll Demonstrates How Badly Americans Are Misinformed

When you look at polls from Gallup, you have to keep in mind that many Americans are grossly misinformed because media sources (television, radio and print) are controlled by a handful of companies who control what information is being disseminated.

Aside from the government spying on us, the size of federal government has been shrinking based on payroll. We don’t consider debt as a major component of the size of government while we are sure those who watch Fox News are told that is a sign our government is too large.

To be honest, had Bush not slashed taxes on the wealthy, our budgetary problems would not garner much press at all. And with the Koch backed Americans for Prosperity getting all tea party republicans to sign pledges to not raise taxes on the wealthy, they are the ones who have elevated our budgetary woes to a topic for discussion.

While they also like to use the word ‘entitlements’ to describe Social Security, it is incorrect to do so, since it is an obligation in trust. Americans pay into Social Security Fund, and then receive dollars from the trust.

Another area where Americans are misinformed is healthcare reform. Health care is part socialized and private. Even some of the private plans are starting to mimic the new government adopted health care exchanges i.e. Walgreens. The reason government expenditure is so high for healthcare is the baby boomers have retired and are starting to collect SSI and receive Medicare which stresses those paying into the system. It is not because of “Big Government”.

Since the 1940’s, the United States has been slow to adopt universal health care coverage for its citizens. As a result, we pay significantly more for healthcare in this country and receive less than our counterparts around the globe. Again, the opponents of health care reform are directly resulting in higher costs to the federal since they cannot pressure the market to reduce costs. Big Med, Big Pharm, and Big Medical Device Makers keep raking in substantial profits, and Americans get stuck with higher bills.

Can you see the trend? The reason we are paying more at the government level and getting less is a direct result of the opponents to progress – ala obstructionism.

While these polls are very information, and in this case they remain evenly split 33% for too much government interference, 33% for not enough, and 33% seeing it about right,  they can deceiving the reader.

Interestingly enough, the split found by Gallup is the exact voting blocks of democrat, republican and independent.

It also demonstrates how perceptions of conservatives are incorrect. This is due to the sources of news they rely on – Fox News and Gannett – The StarPress and Indianapolis Star.

We anticipate as more independents become informed of facts and the deceptive practices played out by conservative media forces and the republican party, their numbers will drift to the left leaving a smaller block of grossly misinformed American voters.

Unfortunately, the same block of misinformed voters also cling to the deceptive propaganda that Fox and Gannett are ‘fair and balanced’ and those ‘other media outlets’ are part of the ‘liberal agenda’ headed by Barack Obama and carried out by his ‘liberal media puppets’, they’ll also never learn the truth so waking them up is not essential.

Americans Remain Divided on Role They Want Gov’t to Play.


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