Income, Not “Food Deserts,” More to Blame for U.S. Obesity

Well, we’ve been discussing this at length…the food subsidies to Big Ag allows Big Food to purchase ingredients for their processed ‘food substance’ on the cheap. This in turn, allows Walmart to sell cheap processed food to consumers who are living on fixed food budgets per month.

While many parents might know better and understand nutrition, we contend that they choose substance, or quantity over quality by sheer necessity.

These are unintended consequences of policy decisions. Now that the nations health is so poor equating to higher health costs, we’ll have to make some tough decisions. Just like with new energy sources, government will have to make more wholesome foods cheaper and eliminate subsidies on those items which are unhealthy.

Consumers will complain about increasing prices for food, but as we’re learning, there really is no such thing as a ‘value meal’.

You can pay the farmer now, or pay the doctor later.

Income, Not “Food Deserts,” More to Blame for U.S. Obesity.


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