News-Sentinel Wants Mitch Daniels to Reform Purdue

This is a response to an editorial posted in the South Bend Tribune.

The editorial gives Mitch Daniels, the former governor kudos for how well he ran the state. Unfortunately, they didn’t provide any metrics to support their idea. None.

We love this quote, “He took risks. Sometimes he failed. But the much success that is credited to him is largely because of his willingness to break with past practice.”

When he failed it was costly to taxpayers. Also, Hoosiers didn’t know much about other failures because newspapers in Indiana were too busy praising him so they could get interviews, they rarely held him accountable for those failures and unethical leadership. If a newspaper did hold Daniels accountable, they were labeled as “liberal”, which is a kiss of death in a backward state like Indiana.

It doesn’t take leadership to slash an existing budget. When you cut expenses and eliminate other necessary programs, what are the consequences? When you hand out tax subsidies and economic development credits to businesses and lower regulations on the same corporations, what are the consequences.

Remember the television news story trying to hold Daniels and his IEDC accountable for all the inflated jobs reports coming from the private company?

Let’s explore some of the consequences of his leadership:

  • Indiana’s personal income is comparable to 1996.
  • We lag other states in job growth.
  • Too many Hoosiers living in poverty.
  • Too many untrained workers.
  • Our quality of living is now comparable to the Southern states.
  • Our air and soil is polluted.
  • Indianapolis is ranked the dirtiest city in the union.
  • Hoosiers lack health insurance while our health and wellness ranks near the bottom of the union as well.
  • Our infrastructure is crumbling.

Just to mention a few, and we won’t even delve into the ethics violations at this point, since we believe there are more coming to the surface.

The News-Sentinel may want the ‘grand reformist’ to slice and dice Purdue University, but they should evaluate the real potential costs to the university, just like his budget crunching caused serious damage to Hoosiers, his plans for Purdue would likely have many negative consequences.

Remember, his unethical hiring at Purdue has already tarnished the image and reputation of the second largest Indiana university. His grand publicity tour was all about damage control and none of the “media sources” were allowed to pressure him on the scandals surfacing about him.

The News-Sentinel may want to give Daniels a chance, but do the professionals who have been working so hard to build a fine reputation at Purdue, want to give him a chance?

Daniels may have good solutions for change at Purdue –


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