Democratic campaign professional joins Freedom Indiana

It’s great to hear that one of our top democratic campaign managers is working with the two largest employers in Indiana: Eli Lilly and Cummins, Inc. to defeat this Tea Party driven republican party constitutional amendment.

Leading Freedom Indiana was a campaign staffer from Luke Messer’s staff, so it’s truly not a political issue, it’s a religious issue being disguised as social policy.

This has been the first time a legislative body in Indiana is seeking to remove constitutional rights from Hoosiers, and it comes from a place of fear and hatred and should not be tolerated in Indiana, or any other state within the United States.

Governor Mike Pence has symbolically stated, “You should not have the same rights as all Hoosiers because you are gay.”

This is not only a poor statement for a leader of state government who is sworn to uphold rights of all Hoosiers, but it’s also a poor statement as a self proclaimed Christian.

Democratic campaign professional joins Freedom Indiana as deputy campaign manager | Freedom Indiana.


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