Mitch Daniels: Ask a Professor to Explain Entitlements to You

Since when is the Social Security Trust Fund an entitlement? I’ve looked at the number coming out of my check since I was 14 years old.

Now, if some Washington politicians have stolen that money, then we need to address the problem – honestly and forthright. I’m getting tired of listening to misinformed republicans speaking to other misinformed republicans about what they think are “entitlements”.

Then, those misinformed republicans are allowed to speak on television or get quoted in newspapers, and aren’t corrected by the journalist or “on-air” personality. Quit handing microphones to attractive air-heads who can’t challenge people for making false statements.

As Chuck Todd of NBC recently said, “It’s not my job as a journalist to correct republicans when they lie about Obamacare.”

Really, Chuck?

I guess you’re not a journalist, but a stenographer. Get off TV then, and let someone who is informed start doing the interviews.

When I sit aside money from my paycheck today, so it can provide for me when I retire, then it’s a savings account with an insurance component. Every reputable actuary, and I’m sure there are some at Purdue University, will tell you that Social Security is fine, and may need a few adjustments.

Remember, some people pay into the system for 40-50 years, and then die before they collect a dime. This is why SSI uses actuarial tables.

As for Medicare, the main reason it is in trouble is escalating health care costs. There is a profit motive that expects 10% returns while wages aren’t growing for 50% of Americans so guess what?

People cannot afford it, and neither can Medicare. This is why Obama and all the other elected officials put forth the Affordable Care Act to rein in the high costs of healthcare since insurance companies were not able to impact costs, they just made substantial profits off actuary computations.

However Mitch, your Teapublicans have been wasting massive amounts of time fighting the very vehicle meant to control and reduce costs benefiting Medicare and the American people.

While you were the governor, we understood that lying was all about politics, but now that you are in charge of a university, why not ask the professors there to help explain things to you. Ignorance is a choice, so you no longer have an excuse to spout falsehoods.


Daniels: It’s not too late to change entitlement programs | WBAA.


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