Response to Norquist’s Plan B

Thanks to Grover Norquist for proposing a deal which sounds rational and might make both parties happy, but here’s a counter deal from the now the collective world to the tea party, NO.

Here’s why: We are tired of the antics of a minority of republicans who have no idea how to conduct business in Washington. They possess no skills in governing and have lost the confidence of the U.S. people and the world. They’ve voted 42 times to defund the Affordable Care Act when tens of millions lack the insurance needed to take care of themselves. Holding Americans hostage for your ideological sticking point is pathetic and we refuse to let the President of our Country bow to demands of terrorists, no matter what you are called.

To reiterate, not just no, but hell no. Sign a clean resolution and enjoy your final year in Washington because your pink notices are on their way.

A GOP plan B: a deal to get a win-win from shutdown and debt ceiling crises | Grover Norquist | Comment is free |


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