World Food Day: Cook Organic, Not the Planet

One of the best articles I’ve read about organic or natural farming versus factory farming. It doesn’t just point out the problem, but it brings forth solutions which are very easy to follow. From the article:

How do we mobilize the global grassroots to force the thousand or so multi-billion-dollar corporations and 200 national governments who control the world to reduce, much less reverse, global warming?

To facilitate a mass transition to organic we must force the U.S. Congress, local and state governments, and major corporations to move away from business as usual, while we simultaneously build an organic and sustainable economy in our local communities and regions. We must also start planting and nurturing of several trillion trees on the 10 billion acres of forestland that remain.

Thousands of U.S. farmers and ranchers have already made this transition. Over five million backyard, market, community gardeners are now utilizing organic practices. Millions more need to do the same.

If we’re going to cool the earth, we must:

Read the article for what we must do…

World Food Day: Cook Organic, Not the Planet.


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