Diet & Exercise: Time for a Cultural Shift

Colin Campbell, author of the China Study, shares about Americans obsession with protein over the years and the declining trends in plant based foods. Not only has preventable diseases, including cancer skyrocketed, but so have healthcare costs for treatment of preventable diseases – measured in trillions of dollars.

Muncie Voice has mentioned before that as our our badly needed healthcare reform begins rolling out, and more emphasis is placed on prevention of diseases, diet and exercise will become two words we’ll hear a lot of in this country. We’ve always associated diet with a temporary practice to lose weight. However, we’re talking about a cultural shift.

The financial crisis which occurred in 2008-9 was a financial bubble caused by over buying and spending. It was also a symbolic bubble for our diet and exercise. Americans eat too much of the wrong foods (especially kids) and we don’t exercise enough. This combination creates excessive fat, which gets stored in our veins and around our body.

In typical American fashion, we know what we’re doing is wrong, but we use denial as our major coping skill. We denigrate the stick models; clothing manufacturers cleverly increase the size of our clothes; we create retail stores for plus sizes; and we create memes where chunky is considered the new normal.

It’s not the new normal. It’s simple cause and effect and when we gain weight, it’s a clear sign from our body that we are eating too much and exercising too little. It’s really that simple. Hospitals, medical device makers like artificial knees and hip makers have made a killing off Americans – all preventable with simple diet and exercise. The average cost for a knee replacement is $49,500.

How many of your “wish list” items could be checked off for $50,000?

We’ve reached a point in this country where all our previous cultural systems have reached a point where they no longer serve our purpose; the way we think about food and exercise is just one area requiring a cultural shift – who will take the lead?

The Protein Juggernaut Has Deep Roots.


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