GOP’s ‘Resolution to Disapprove’

Thanks to Alex Pareene @pareene at Salon for this article. Alex was the reporter on CNBC several weeks ago pointing out the fraud Jamie Dimon committed while CEO of JP Morgan Chase and the on-air commentators backhanded him and said, “We don’t use rumor on this show…we deal in facts.” In other words, they apologized for Mr. Dimon.

However, JP Morgan Chase and Jamie Dimon has already admitted they committed fraud as part of a settlement with the federal government.

Anyway, talk about acts of desperation within the republican party – they are actually voted on a “resolution to disapprove” of raising the debt limit.


Here’s the bottom line, the republican party is truly at a sticking point in this country between being a national party or a regional demographic party – or a splintering into the Tea Party or Independent/Moderates.

The Tea Party will attract a small percent of bigots, racists, sexists, evangelicals, etc., who were formerly the Dixie Democrats and will be funded by the Koch brothers and ALEC members.

Note to real business people – avoid this group like the plague and have your brand removed from ALEC immediately or suffer the consequences. As more Americans become familiar with this anti-government Ayn Rand devotees, the brand will be tainted. Unless your target audience are gun toting bigots, racists, sexists – well you get the picture.

The independent/moderate conservatives will survive in urban centers throughout the country to represent business men and women, the chamber, etc.

As for the republican party’s ability to bring forth an elected candidate for POTUS – well, we’d say Ball State Cardinal Football team has a better chance of winning a College Football National Championship.

Here’s how they fool the Tea Party: GOP votes to disapprove of selves –


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