Half of Hoosier Children Live in Poverty

Yet, our governor allows food stamps to be cut, refuses to expand Medicaid and setup a Health Exchange so they can have access to affordable healthcare.

Mitch’s priority was balancing the budget and he did so off the backs of the poor while giving millions of tax breaks to corporations. Trickle down is a fallacy and these numbers with our growing inequities in this state – our country are a direct result of policies that benefit the rich by hurting the working class.

Muncie Voice has been warning the super-majority of republicans for the past 2 years who are abusing their power by helping their corporate class to the detriment of  workers and the poor will be a huge mistake. You haven’t listened, so you’ll be finding out what we’ve been talking about.

If you want to know why our education system is floundering in this state, it’s because it is hard for a kid to focus on learning when their hungry. Quit trying to figure out ways to screw teacher unions, and feed the kids so the teachers can do their job and educate them.

Gentlemen, and ladies of the ruling class, you better turn your focus to the people in this state who need your help or your party will go extinct.

— WFIU News (@WFIUNews) November 5, 2013



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