Long Island Superintendent: No to inBloom

Hoosiers better investigate to see that were not given up our kids records to non-profits backed by Bill Gates to “store student data” on computers. This corporate takeover with the use of Tea Party misinformation campaigns has hopefully picked up the attention of Muncie residents after yesterday’s vote on the Bus referendum. Time to wake up folks.

Diane Ravitch's blog

David Gamberg, the enlightened and thoughtful superintendent of the Southold school district in Long Island, New York, wrote a letter to the president of inBloom and asked that the corporation remove any data pertaining to the students of his district.

For his willingness to say “no, not with our students,” David Gamberg is hereby added to the honor roll as a champion of American education. He has done the honorable thing. He has defended his students against commercial exploitation and defended their right to privacy and their right to be left alone by a government and a private sector that believes that privacy is dead. Not in Southold!

New York is one of the few states in the nation that has agreed to hand over all personal, confidential student information to inBloom.

inBloom is the corporation funded by the Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation ($100 million from Gates) to…

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