Indiana & IBM in Court Today

As has been the case with many of Mitch’s ideas as governor, Hoosier taxpayers are the apparent losers. We lost $63 million in tobacco settlement money for dollars received in 2003. We still have years 2004-2012 to fight in court.

According to the judge for the IBM case:

In his ruling, Dreyer called taxpayers the losers in a “misguided” privatization experiment. And he cited trial evidence that showed the state, even while publicly praising IBM, was trying to cancel the contract because it would cost additional money the state didn’t have to adjust what had been a flawed plan.

“Neither party deserves to win this case,” he wrote in his 65-page ruling. “This story represents a ‘perfect storm’ of misguided government policy and overzealous corporate ambition. Overall, both parties are to blame, and Indiana’s taxpayers are left as apparent losers.”

IBM, state in court Monday | Indianapolis Star |


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