Poor Leadership Prevents Hoosiers from Benefits of Medicaid Expansion

While the republican governors like Mike Pence played their obstructionist games with Hoosiers health and well being, here is what other states are experiencing who went forward with expanding Medicaid for their residents:

In conclusion, the experience of these four states demonstrates that fast track strategies represent a highly effective enrollment option for states. By using data already available to them and drawing on their expertise with eligibility and enrollment systems, these four states have been able to jump-start enrollment into their Medicaid expansions, enrolling more than 221,000 people in just two months. As result, they have made substantial progress toward their Medicaid enrollment goals while minimizing burdens on individuals, staff, and enrollment systems.

Huge difference between leadership approaches – one is interested in serving their residents, while the others are playing political games by inflicting damage to their state residents.

Vote informed.


Fast Track to Coverage: Facilitating Enrollment of Eligible People into the Medicaid Expansion – Issue Brief | The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.


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