Common Core Unrest Obvious in 17 States

Common Core Standards seem to be on the ropes across the nation and for good reason. Common Core was a top down solution for our educational system. The group at the top were motivated by monied interests who have substantial financial interests in Common Core – this is a red flag.

A free market solution in our school system will not work. It will widen the gap of inequity already created by a grossly unequal economic distribution system.

Maslow already pointed to a solution decades ago, you must satisfy the basic human needs before you can educate them. Decades of bad policy making has created a vastly disproportionate amount of losers with only a few reaping positive growth. When kids are hungry and insecure in their home life, they will not be open learning. We’ve already created a nation of test takers versus educating our future leaders – creating more tests for them surely is a flawed approach. We need to teach them to be problem solvers and use their critical thinking skills.

The fact we have officials in Washington who don’t understand they are the ones who created the education problem, with their poor economic policy making decisions, should make it clear that solutions should not come from them – they are simply out of touch.

The solutions will come from teachers and their students, and then as a community, we should support them. We have capitalists whose goals are to use our education system to make them more profits. Our educational system isn’t about profits or commodities or cost efficiencies. It’s about molding minds. The capitalists have ruined our health care system with exactly the same goal of maximizing shareholder profits. We already know the outcome – time to rethink educational solutions.


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