ALEC: Corporations buy their own laws

Here is another good article on ALEC and how corporations and billionaires influence laws directly in their favor. Allan Masri adds in the three prominent conservative professionals who are advocating for laws which benefit corporations and ignore constituents.

Allan writes:

These three “scholars” prove that ALEC has strong corporate ties: Laffer created the intellectual basis for giving taxpayer funds to corporations and their owners. Stephen Moore helped install a generation of Republican lawmakers who ignore the express wishes of a majority of voters and prefer to stall government rather than trying to make it work for the people. Schwartz led the movement toward laws that prevent consumers and victims from receiving just recompense for their injuries. Together they have made voters and consumers irrelevant to the running of the country, which is still nominally a democracy.

Masri Zone: ALEC: Corporations buy their own laws (first in a series).


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