Mike Pence Spends Taxpayer Money Avenging Bennett’s Loss

The one thing I’ve learned in politics is there is no such thing as “fiscally conservative politicians”. Republicans spend tax dollars just as easily as any democrat since that is the role of elected officials.

The fraudulent taxpayer advocate groups like Muncie’s own “Citizens for Good Government” which is nothing more than a front group for landlords owning run down properties surrounding Ball State campus and Tea Party members, specifically focus on government spending by democrats in power while ignoring republicans in office.

This is how we can detect their fraud  – they turn a blind eye to those who fund their astroturf organizations.

As Doug Martin points out in Schools Matter: Tony Bennett and Mike Pence’s CECI, another group whose biased allegiance is evident to most observers, is the newspaper group in Indiana owned by Gannett.

After Indiana voters sent school privatizer Tony Bennett packing last November, in favor of Glenda Ritz, Governor Mike Pence has done everything in his power to avenge Tony’s loss at the expense of Hoosier parents and students, and he’s sending the bill to the taxpayers.

Check out Doug’s article to see just how much it is costing taxpayers to hire unqualified “quasi-state employees” (cronies) to make Glenda Ritz pay for defeating Tony Bennett and receiving 500,000 more votes than Mike Pence.


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