Where’s Our School Funds Going?

Thanks to Doug Martin for another insightful article into the school privatization scheme in Indiana.

We still have folks in Muncie who are confused about what is happening to monies dedicated for schools.

Some folks would like you to believe it is part of a local conspiracy to rob you of your tax dollars. That’s not the case.

We supported tax caps to save money on property taxes. We handed over our local schools to Mitch Daniels. Then, we let Mitch raise the state sales tax to help fund schools, but the funding has gone elsewhere. The monies have been redirected to help privatize schools to crush public education and remove it from the teachers union.

If Mike Pence gets his way in 2014, he’ll eliminate business personal property taxes causing other taxpayers to pick up the $1.0 billion shortfall or local government entities will lose more funding.

This is not a recent development. The Plutocrats have been orchestrating this for over 30+ years…thanks again to Doug Martin for doing the work to uncover the cronyism by following the money and pointing out where it’s going.

You’ll enjoy his latest article, Schools Matter: How Jeb Bush and Tony Bennett Invaded Sullivan County, Indiana, where he peels back another layer of the privatizers scheme in Indiana. Our friends at Ball State receive a not so honorable mention.


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