Canada’s Spy Agency Scrutinized for Abusing Powers

Middletown Voice has pointed out that our frigid friends to the north have come under heat for their security breaches as well as the GCHQ and NSA in the U.K. and USA, respectively.

The Vancouver Observer reports:

CSEC has been in the news big time since October when Snowden revealed that the agency has conducted industrial espionage on the Brazilian government and Brazilian companies that compete with Canadian firms.

That was followed last week by Snowden’s revelations that CSEC and the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) cooperated in spying on the protests against the G20 Summit Meeting that took place in Toronto in June 2010.

It’s nice to know that American and British spy agencies aren’t the only ones who can’t resist the temptation to abuse their power and spy on residents, other government officials, and foreign dignitaries.

It is illegal for it to conduct spying on Canadian soil. That is supposed to be the bailiwick of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS). It’s even less legal for CSEC to be welcoming the NSA to set up shop on Canadian soil and then conduct joint operations with it.

CSEC is Canada’s CIA. It has developed a vast expertise on internet spying and data storage, placing Canada in the top ranks of the “Five Eyes” espionage alliance that is headed by the U.S. and Britain and also includes Australia and New Zealand.

Glenn Greenwald is working with Canadian journalists to help reveal the depth of the spying, and promises more secrets will be revealed in coming weeks. You can read the entire article:


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