My View of the PISA Scores

There are some really important points made by Diane regarding international testing and how well US students perform. We have always been mediocre performers and pushing harder like the Arne Duncan at the US Department of Education would like us to do actually will have negative consequences. Studies performed show that once a certain level of achievement has been reached, any further push for test scores will have a negative impact because it negatively impacts “ambition, inquisitiveness, and independence.

Diane Ravitch's blog

The news reports say that the test scores of American students on the latest PISA test are “stagnant,” “lagging,” “flat,” etc.

The U.S. Department of Education would have us believe–yet again–that we are in an unprecedented crisis and that we must double down on the test-and-punish strategies of the past dozen years.

The myth persists that once our nation led the world on international tests, but we have fallen from that exalted position in recent years.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Here is the background history that you need to know to interpret the PISA score release, as well as Secretary Duncan’s calculated effort to whip up national hysteria about our standing in the international league tables.

The U.S. has NEVER been first in the world, nor even near the top, on international tests.

Over the past half century, our students have typically scored at or near the median, or even in…

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