Tax breaks for CEOs pay for million-dollar salaries

While congress focuses on hammering the poor and corporate owned media companies give them the platform for which to do it, other media sources are holding both congress and private sector companies accountable, more specifically, the CEO’s of these firms.

They both argue against higher wages for their employees because it will drive up prices which gets the general public to back down on demanding congress take action.

But, a further look reveals that many of the retail and fast food companies are double dipping on government (taxpayer) subsidies.

“These fast food CEOs are a double burden on taxpayers,” says Sarah Anderson, author of the IPS report. “They’re gorging on huge taxpayer-funded bonuses at the same time they’re fighting to keep low-level workers’ wages so low that many must rely on public assistance.”

Toss this back into the face of the Tea Party and see what they have to say when the same companies using organizations like ALEC to promote cuts in food stamps and other social programs. The Patriots are being used because of their ideological beliefs that poor people are lazy and hurt the middle class. The real welfare recipients are corporate America who use subsidizes to double dip on taxpayers.

Check out more at The Guardian Blog.


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