Photo: Poverty Levels More Apparent in Red States

With income inequality topping the global narrative from Pope Francis, United Nations, OECD and President Barack Obama all discussing this most pressing global issue, the tea party republicans in the congress and those who represent the state governors association, all want to redirect the conversation back to deficits or debt.

If you listen to the conservative media, they’ll tell you, “We are spending away our children’s freedom”, or “The debt we incur today will be the chains that bind our children.”

It’s great propaganda and rhetoric, but most people are waking up to this fact.

The photo below taken off Twitter, illustrates how the very same tea party leadership representing the red states, have the highest number of citizens living in poverty:

Those who live in poverty have no economic freedom and little or no hope on a daily basis. They are in survival mode, and they are not able to propel this economy forward which is why we have stagnated.

There is also a strong correlation between those living in poverty and lower educational test scores. If we want to improve test scores, maybe we should focus on lifting our nation out of poverty versus increasing expectations on teachers and students.

What do you think?


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