UPDATE: Common Core Unrest in 22 States


On November 23, 2013, I wrote a post briefly detailing the 17 states in which officials (legislators, governors, state superintendents) have formally registered some anti-Common Core (CCSS) intention (e.g., legislation, resolution).

Today I will repost the original 17 states and add another 5, to yield now 22 states in which CCSS questioning might well lead to its restriction (as in the CCSS assessments’ being delayed or canceled) or its demise.

Some of the information listed happened prior to my previous posting. I only just became aware of two anti-CCSS resolutions passed this summer, so I included those in this post.

CCSS was not democratically vetted prior to 45 governors and state superintendents (and let us not forget the District of Columbia) signing to accept it.

No legislative vote was required for CCSS acceptance as far as President Obama and US Secretary of Education Duncan were concerned. Just two signatures sealed the…

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