Charter Schools: Pence Has a Different Agenda for Schools

Parents and teachers in Muncie should take note of what Governor Mike Pence is promoting:

Pence also wants to use state tax dollars to encourage teachers at traditional public schools to switch to low-performing charter schools.

Teachers in charter schools earn an average of about $12,000 less than their counterparts at traditional public schools, Pence said.

Hoosiers need to ask our Governor and legislators, why should taxpayers pay to undermine our traditional public schools?

When you hear comments like these from our Governor, it sends up a red flag, essentially telling us, this isn’t about offering public school options – their plan is to kill off public education and the teaching profession as we knew it.

This is why Pence created a separate educational agency in Indianapolis that operates outside of the Glenda Ritz’s authority. She would never allow this to happen.

What will Hoosiers allow to happen?

EDITORIAL: A different education agenda for Pence – Indiana Economic Digest – Indiana.


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