Anatomy of Charter School Advocacy

Facts and evidence over beliefs…it’s the same argument time after time with those who “advocate” or promote for anything from the right of center. The term is actually propaganda and was invented by Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud. Edward was known as the father of public relations and marketing. In order the market effectively, you need to present this propaganda to the people in simple terms which requires our “free press”, our news media outlets, our newspapers and television, to share this propaganda with the public. Journalism was never meant to be an advocacy industry – it’s development via the constitution was to be antagonistic and challenge the source of information with credible facts to support their claims. Our newspapers print Op-Eds and quote sources like scholars who are paid for shills by the same people who are advocating for these charters. In other words, in order to propagate lies and untruths, it requires collusion from the one entity that was created to protect American citizens from the elite – the powerful – those who would use their power, money and influence to persuade citizens to choose against their best interests.

radical eyes for equity

When I wrote Why Advocacy and Market Forces Fail Education Reform in 2011, the acceleration of charter school advocacy hadn’t quite gathered the momentum that we are experiencing at the end of 2013. If charter school advocacy has proven anything, however, it is that my basic premise has come to fruition:

Once again, the caution of evidence – advocacy is the enemy of transparency and truth.

Like medicine, then, education and education reform will continue to fail if placed inside the corrosive dynamics of market forces. Instead, the reform of education must include the expertise of educators who are not bound to advocating for customers, but encouraged, rewarded and praised for offering the public the transparent truth about what faces us and what outcomes are the result of any and every endeavor to provide children the opportunity to learn as a member of a free and empowered people.

Education “miracles”…

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