A Teacher’s Advice to Commissioner King: How Schools Are–and Are Not–Like Business

I come from a business background as well, and operating schools is nothing like a business or running a home budget. The people who make that comparison are just ignorant, and yes, that includes the congress members I hear utter those words, are ignorant.

The current direction of ed reform is motivated by profit. Period.

In Indiana, our governor proudly grew a $2 billion surplus off the backs of schools and social services. Our community cannot afford bus services in 2014, while the new governor seeks to cut $1billion in business taxes to make Indiana more attractive to companies. Make any sense?

We’ve got the wrong people leading our country…

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Beth Goldberg is a Middle School Mathematics Teacher at Linden Avenue Middle School in Red Hook, NY in the Mid-Hudson Valley.  Beth has been teaching for eight years since obtaining her Masters of Arts in Teaching at Bard College.  Prior to earning her MAT, Beth was a senior executive at JP Morgan Chase where she had global responsibility for a suite a payment services products.  Beth holds an MS in business from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a BA in Mathematics from Wellesley College.  Beth has seen how mathematics skills can create transformative opportunity and she is dedicated to providing her students the solid mathematics foundation they will need to succeed in life.


Edu-Reformers Should Understand This!


Today’s business and education elite are passionate about the need to
reform education.  Business and even education leaders like New York State Education Commissioner King argue that a data driven…

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