North Carolina: The Politics of Intimidation

Mitch Daniels, now president of Indiana’s second largest institution, while governor, used his office to censure Howard Zinn’s history writings by referring to them as “liberal excrement”. He comes from the same mindset as Governor McCrory and Art Pope.
America needs to wake up, because these Tea Party minions are put in the position of power by free market libertarian billionaires who have systematically been working for decades to eliminate government so they can lower their taxes and limit government intrusion in their business – many of which harm the environment. They are not combating some liberal conspiracy. The damage done by these free market libertarians has become widespread throughout the south and Midwest. They are anti-government, anti-union, anti-intellectualism, etc. Associated names are the Koch brothers, ALEC, State Policy Networks. They use conservative media to dictate the conservation. Fox News regularly spreads their propaganda, but news media sources like Gannett, Inc. are very subtle by printing penned editorials from professors at local universities and state as fact without explaining their conflicts of interest with the State Policy Network within the specific state (there are 52 organized State Policy Networks throughout the country supported by foundations traced backed to either the Kochs’ directly or blended contributions from Kochs and 200+ corporate members of ALEC.
Inform yourself or expect to be manipulated.

Diane Ravitch's blog

Rob Schofield of NC PolicyWatch wrote this alarming editorial about a disgraceful effort to silence a critic of Governor McCrory.

North Carolina was once the most progressive state in the South, but in the short time that Governor McCrory has been in office, abetted by a reactionary legislature, North Carolina has adopted some of the most anti-education, anti-social, regressive policies in the nation.

Governor McCrory’s state budget director is Art Pope, one of the richest men in the state, who has his own private foundation, called the Pope-Civitas Institute. Art Pope has a libertarian, anti-government, anti-public sector agenda, which he has helped to implement.

The Pope-Civitas Institute has begun a campaign of intimidation directed at Professor Gene Nichol of the University of North Carolina Law Center.

Schofield writes:

Nichol, of course, is, among many other things, the Director of the UNC Law School’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity and…

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