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Seattle Education

Dollarocracy Perfecting the Propaganda State through Dollarocracy

We saw this when the WalMart Walton’s and Bill Gates poured millions of dollars into our state to bring in charter schools, a privatization of a publicly funded system.

We also saw this with the GMO initiative that would have required the labeling of our foods in the state of Washington.

Per McChesney, one of the authors of the book “Dollarocracy”, from a report in the Evergreen State College student newspaper:

McChesney explained how the term dollarocracy captures the “crisis” in American politics today. “Instead of ‘one person, one vote,’ you have ‘one dollar, one vote,” he said. “Those with lots of dollars have a great deal of power, and those with no dollars have no power.”

McChesney and Nichols lectured about the role money has in American politics and how the judicial decision commonly known as Citizens United has increased the influence…

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