inBloom, Clever, and Student Privacy: More “Big Data” Considerations


My last few posts have focused on the issue of student data collection, storage, and dissemination to “education vendors.” Meanwhile, I have also been reading about the call to separate the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) from assessments. I maintain that the spectrum of reforms are intended to be a package deal and are promoted as such by the federal government–CCSS, assessments, and data collection.

One set fits all.

In this post, I will examine some more nuances related to massive student data collection as such have appeared in the comments section of previous posts. First, let me offer readers a Race to the Top (RTTT) requirements refresher regarding its full-reform-spectrum intention.

Federal Education Reforms Are a Package Deal

The federal government’s intention is for full-spectrum reform. President Obama and US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan make their comprehensive reform push obvious via the 2009 Race to the Top (RTTT)requirements–…

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