A closer look: Examining the costs and benefits of raising Indiana’s minimum wage

Indiana Senate Democrats: The Briefing Room

UPDATE: Recent income data from the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis show Indiana making little progress in putting more money in the pockets of working Hoosiers.

44 states saw their residents’ per capita personal income grow faster than Indiana’s. While the rest of the nation’s average per capita personal income grew at nearly 4 percent to $46,129, Hoosiers’ incomes grew significantly slower – 2.5 percent – and average incomes were more than $6,000 less at $39,433.

For years, Hoosier incomes have failed to pace the national average. In 2004, Hoosiers made 90 percent of the national average per capita income. In 2014, Hoosier incomes had fallen to about 85 percent of the national average.

Since 2004, income earned through investments and benefit transfers like Medicare, Social Security, unemployment insurance and Medicaid grew the fastest in Indiana.

In 2004, Indiana families earned $50,683 on average. That number fell to $45,766…

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