another aspect of israel’s so-called ‘democracy’: business oligopolies, as everywhere in the west

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The Israeli corruption story: Perfectly legal institutional corruption
Guy Rolnik, Haaretz, Jan 14 2014 (abridged)

Last week the Knesset held a conference on the illicit ties between Big Business and government and, some murmur, the media, sponsored by the anti-corruption lobby led by MKs Miki Rosenthal and Moshe Mizrahi. The speakers, from the state comptroller to the justice minister, breathed fire and brimstone. But for all the rhetoric, don’t count your chickens. Like elsewhere in the West, most of the corruption in Israel isn’t the criminal kind that was discussed at the conference. It’s not about kickbacks on sweetheart deals. The corruption, and it’s the worst kind, is institutional. It’s the perfectly legal way that the big interest groups set the public’s agenda; how they pull politicians’ strings; how they create a system in which the strong and well-connected manage to preserve the status quo. Justice Minister Tzipi Livni hails…

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