Tobacco, Firearms and Food –

Every once in awhile, you run across an article which restores your faith in the human race by reassuring you there are others are out there fighting the good fight to rid our government of its corporate influence.

Mark Bittman nails the food, tobacco and firearm industry in one fail swoop. Personally, I enjoyed the food angle, especially the animal products where,

“You can treat the animals as you like and damn the consequences, from salmonella contamination to antibiotic resistance to water contamination to, of course, cruelty. There are even incentives, in the form of subsidized prices for animal feed.”

Mark hits them on all points and how our government (really just the policy making division of corporate America) established policies which negative impact the public. Mark writes, “But the job of government is not to encourage profitable businesses at the cost of public health; it’s to regulate them so that the public is served. Who is this country for, anyway?”

Read the whole article: Tobacco, Firearms and Food –


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