War on Drugs Ends with a Fizzle

Excellent sourcing, and yes, the war on pot needs to end. Unless folks want to support banning cigarettes and alcohol, this irrational war needs to disappear. As studies and evidence reveal, there is clearly a “lobbying element” supporting a “war” on this drug when it doesn’t merit one. When cigarettes cause more harm to self and others, and our government has no problem receiving tax payments from the tobacco industry, than it’s time to let it go.

Aletho News

By Kelley Vlahos • The Unz Review • February 4, 2014

Thanks to an accelerating trend towards ending the prohibition of marijuana in this country, the entire construct of the ‘War on Drugs’ as we know it is about to change and there is no one more frightened of this than the drug war establishment itself.

What happens next is a war for war: with billions of dollars in government investment and corporate profits at stake, it would be naive to expect the vested interests to take such a hit lying down. This is about survival. So get ready, the war to end the Drug War, or save it, has already begun.

“It scares us,” James L. Capra, head of Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) operations, told congress on Jan. 15, when asked about the new marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington state.

“Every part of the world where this has…

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