In Volkswagen Union Vote, Conservatives Declare Open Season on Free Markets

A common platitude among conservatives is that government should not interfere with free markets. Yet in last week’s vote among Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga on whether they wanted to join the United Auto Workers (UAW), Tennessee politicians and outside ideologues went to extraordinary lengths to meddle in the business of one of the world’s most successful corporations. Their meddling prevailed when the workers voted not to unionize, 712 to 626.

A governor asserted that past subsidies give him the right to interfere. A United States Senator claimed to know more than Volkswagen Chattanooga’s CEO and chairman. And a state senator called the company’s behavior “un-American” and threatened to oppose future subsidies to expand the plant if the workers unionized.

This was not some runaway clutch plant from Ohio; it is Volkswagen’s only U.S. assembly plant, producing the Passat. VW is neck-and neck with General Motors to become the #2 car…

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