The Smear Campaign Against Mayor Bill de Blasio

Diane Ravitch's blog

I cross-posted this article on Huffington Post, to reach a wider audience beyond the blog.

The moral of the story is that it is very risky to tangle with the charter school lobby.

They are very rich, they are very powerful, and they are accustomed to opening their boutique charters in public space without paying rent.

They are also accustomed to pushing aside the children already enrolled in the public schools where they “co-locate,” and they don’t care if the children have profound disabilities, or if they take away the children’s art room, dance room, library, playground, whatever. The other children don’t count. Only the children who enroll in their schools matter. Children who get high test scores count more than children with low test scores and deserve privileges.

The de Blasio administration tried to play nice, gave them 14 new charter schools out of 17 proposals, including five…

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