Pence Allows Energy Program to Expire

No surprise here from the Governor. It will take years to undue the damage caused by this man. Here are the comments from the Hoosier Environmental Council:

“By allowing SB 340 to become law, the Governor has become the first one in the country to repeal a successful, ambitious and foresighted program aimed at significantly cutting energy bills for Hoosiers. And Indiana has become the first state in the nation to repeal an Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard, the best, most comprehensive strategy that states can employ to help cut the energy costs of homes and businesses. The Governor’s decision needlessly creates instability in the energy efficiency market, when a careful deliberation — before any radical shift in policy is made — was what was merited. While we will continue to work constructively with the Governor’s office on energy and environmental matters, we are very troubled by the rushed decision to stop the Energizing Indiana program, and remain extremely skeptical that any successor program will match the pace and scale of the current one.”

Pence Allows Energy Program to Expire – Newsroom – Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick.


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