Another day. Another report showing charter schools don’t do much better than neighborhood schools.

Fred Klonsky


Former UNO charter chief Juan Rangel and his pal, Rahm Emanuel.

Proponents of the corporate school reform agenda believe in at least three sacred truths.

  • Charters and school choice will improve the quality of student performance.
  • Student performance must be measured by standardized tests.
  • Each school, administrators and teachers must be held accountable for the results of those tests.

It seems as if each new day produces another study showing that charters and school choice make no significant difference between those schools and public neighborhood schools.

Today the study comes from the Medill Data Project and the Chicago Sun-Times.

The Sun-Times/Medill Data Project analysis showed:

◆ On the math portion of the Illinois Standards Achievement Test, 7.3 percent of CPS neighborhood school students exceeded standards, while 5.3 percent of kids at the privately run schools did so.

◆ Among charter or contract elementary students, 7.9 percent exceeded standards on the…

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