every day, new phony ‘venezuelan’ NGOs spout disinfo about venezuela


Venezuela shows that protest can be a defence of privilege
Seamus Milne, Graun, Apr 9 2014

If we didn’t know it before, the upsurge in global protest in the past couple of years has driven home the lesson that mass demonstrations can have entirely different social and political meanings. Just because they wear bandannas and build barricades, and have genuine grievances, doesn’t automatically mean protesters are fighting for democracy or social justice. From Ukraine to Thailand and Egypt to Venezuela, large-scale protests have aimed at or succeeded in ousting elected governments in the past year. In some countries, mass protests have been led by working-class organisations, targeting austerity and corporate power. In others, predominantly middle-class unrest has been the lever to restore ousted elites. Sometimes, in the absence of political organisation, they can straddle the two. But whoever they represent, they tend to look similar on TV. And so effective…

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