Snowden Asks Putin About Surveillance On Russian TV, Everyone Promptly Loses Their Minds

Edward Snowden, a former CIA hack, who was let go by them, ends up as a contractor for the NSA, then promptly steals millions of files from NSA computers by downloading them to smart drives. Never once does this trip internal security measure of the NSA.

Once stolen, Snowden makes his way around the world and lands in Russia where his efforts land him a Pulitzer Prize while NSA, CIA and US military officials are made to look like fools. Then he asks Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, who is made out to be an evil dictator by Western media because of his involvement in Ukraine, whether or not his country collects mass data on private citizens. Pres. Putin explains that even Russia has laws which prevent this from happening.

As a skeptic, this whole thing is playing into my hands because either we have some incredibly stupid and incompetent people working in very high places, or this whole thing has been scripted by very smart people. You tell me.


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