Reverse Order to Play at ‘Be Here Now’ on May 6th

On Tuesday May 6th at 12 Midnight, Reverse Order will be having a free concert in the University Village at Be Here Now.

This show is going to be an amazing experience for everyone in attendance. Reverse Order always puts on an impressive show.

Reverse Order is a national touring pop rock band that was a finalist on America’s Got Talent. The band has released 3 EP’s. Their newest EP, “Made In America” was released in January and is being heard worldwide. Their music has been Grammy nominated and can be found on iTunes and YouTube. The band’s live show will have you on your feet dancing, singing and clapping along without a doubt. This show is part of their 25 city tour entitled “Set Me On Fire”.


Four Same-Sex Couples Challenge Indiana’s Marriage Law

First responders file challenge to Indiana’s refusal to recognize same-sex marriage
Federal lawsuit targets inability of same-sex spouses to claim public safety pension, death benefits

INDIANAPOLIS – This morning, four lawfully married same-sex couples filed a challenge to Indiana’s marriage law on the basis that the state’s unwillingness to recognize legal same-sex marriages performed elsewhere violates the U.S. Constitution.

Of the eight women who joined the lawsuit, three are police officers and one is a retired firefighter. All four couples were lawfully married in states other than Indiana. The lawsuit focuses, among other denied protections, on the inability of first responders’ same-sex spouses to be named as beneficiaries for police and fire pension or death benefits.

The lawsuit names Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and officials with the Indiana Public Retirement System, which oversees the Police Officers’ and Firefighters’ Pension and Disability Fund.

A copy of the lawsuit is available here:

Plaintiffs and attorneys will hold a media availability tomorrow afternoon to discuss their lawsuit. The availability will precede an event sponsored by Indiana Equality Action to celebrate the end of the legislative session and the demise of HJR-3, the controversial constitutional gay marriage ban, which will not appear on this year’s ballot. Both events are open to the press.


Stutz Complex
Southeast Corner, Tenth & Senate
Look for Balloons

Media Availability with Plaintiffs in limited challenge to Indiana’s marriage law
2 p.m.

Indiana Equality Action Sine Die Party
3 p.m.

Indiana Equality Action (IE Action), a 501(c)(4) organization, is a coalition of statewide and regional organizations. IE Action focuses on amending Indiana’s Civil Rights law to protect against discrimination based on either sexual orientation or gender identity, securing bias crimes protections, and keeping Indiana’s Marriage Discrimination Amendment at bay.

Six Crimes Against Nature Perpetrated by the Food Industry

We really need to get a grip on this people. I know it is easier to stay in denial, but we are promoting this behavior when we opt for fast food and grocery bought meat products. They can clean them and present them nicely, but the extreme abuse these animals experience are captured in their bodies and passed along to us when we consume their meat.

We are condoning this behavior and actually poisoning ourselves and our families.

If you read the comments after articles like these, there is someone asking how the employees can tolerate this abuse. Many cannot. Most of Big Ag relies on illegal immigrant labor who will work for cheap and won’t run to local newspapers or officials. Why? Because they will be deported.

It’s hilarious to watch the republicans take a stand against immigration reform and the media to spin all the reasons why immigration bill is dragging. Big Ag is why it is dragging – more specifically – Big Meat.

They don’t want their employees having access to wages that are floors and protections under the federal law. They need to maintain control over them so there are no whistle-blowers. Big Meat has already used their influence over state governments via ALEC to get legislation protecting their farming practices from journalists and animal activists.

Six Crimes Against Nature Perpetrated by the Food Industry.

This Is What Happened When Scholastic Tried to Bring Pro-Coal Propaganda to School by Bill Bigelow — YES! Magazine

While developing activities on coal and the climate crisis in 2011 for Rethinking Schools magazine, I ran across a curriculum, The United States of Energy, from Scholastic, the venerable education publisher.


It was a colorful series of lessons, aimed at fourth-graders, which explored the various sources for energy in the United States. The material on coal discussed its many “advantages.” But when I looked for discussion of the disadvantages … nothing.

Not a word about coal’s status as the largest source of climate-wrecking carbon dioxide. Nothing about how burning coal emits toxic mercury, or how mountaintop removal mining has destroyed 500 Appalachian mountains.

Read how the organization got the content removed:

This Is What Happened When Scholastic Tried to Bring Pro-Coal Propaganda to School by Bill Bigelow — YES! Magazine.

For right, Common Core fight prelude to bigger agenda – Stephanie Simon –

As usual, don’t let a lack of facts interfere with setting up a game plan to instill anger in a group of “anti-government” crazed populists. The Kochs and Tea Party element are once again:

  • late to the party
  • don’t understand the situation
  • develop a campaign to draw email addresses
  • then anger them with emails spouting misinformation
  • these crazies then misinform apathetic voters/citizens

I subscribed to their email list and while much passion and organization is evident, they’re counting on people not asking questions. They’re preying on certain individuals, and they’ll get a certain few, but their plans will fall short because it’s all emotion and no facts – once again.

Their outrage against liberals and government prevent them from thinking through the situation to understand the whole picture thereby making faulty rash decisions. It’s the same thing over and over again…

Anyway, here is what Politico uncovered:

A draft action plan by the advocacy group Freedom Works lays out the effort as a series of stepping stones: First, mobilize to strike down the Common Core. Then push to expand school choice by offering parents tax credits or vouchers to help pay tuition at private and religious schools. Next, rally the troops to abolish the U.S. Department of Education. Then it’s on to eliminating teacher tenure.

“This is going to be a huge campaign,” said Whitney Neal, the group’s director of grass-roots activism. She plans to kick it off within weeks with a series of videos that will “connect the dots” between killing Common Core and enacting other conservative priorities.

The campaign will build to a march on Washington this summer, perhaps in partnership with radio host Glenn Beck. “This is definitely an institutional priority for us in 2014,” she said. “We’re putting a lot of time and resources into it.”


Populism Rising?

Excellent piece from Robert Borosage in Nation of Change about Populism, and the title is a question, and we’ve got an answer – yes, it’s rising.

I’m glad he mentioned the Third Way democrats who came out to slam Elizabeth Warren in the Wall Street Journal who in return got body slammed across the globe.

Many of these center-left democrats who derive their funding from Wall Street are behind the education reform we see going on across the country where teachers have been blamed for a faulty system and poor social conditions. These Third Way democrats are out of touch with reality.

Populism has been arising for the past decade. The Tea Party thought they had the idea, but quickly got swept into a political movement which is being manipulated by free market billionaires who want to eliminate government and our democracy.

Populists want government to work for the people, and they want corporate control – the Oligarchs removed from their role in government. As Muncie Voice has been pointing out for several years, the corporate owned media is part of the problem and has run interference to the populist movement.

If you pay attention to Twitter and alternative media sources around the world, populism and progressivism is growing as a social movement. It may not influence 2014 elections, but by 2016, it will play a vital role in electing our next president.

I also agree with Robert’s conclusion:

Democrats will have to decide how to respond. However disruptive, this is democracy’s promise: That there is space for fiercely independent citizen movements to take on very powerful interests, to challenge Gilded Age inequalities and deep-pocket money politics, and make the economy work for working people once more.

Read more at: Populism Rising? | NationofChange.