Ivy Tech Dental Hygiene Students Successfully Pass Boards

Ivy Tech Community College East Central region’s Dental Hygiene students complete national boards with 100% pass rate

Anderson, Ind. – Ivy Tech Community College East Central region’s Dental Hygiene students have successfully completed their Dental Hygiene National Boards with a 100% pass rate. A total of 14 students will graduate in May 2014. This is the fourth consecutive year the Dental Hygiene program has seen 100% of their students successfully complete the exam. Ivy Tech Community College’s campus in Anderson first opened its $1 million clinic in August 2009. After four years of operation, the department has seen more than 58 students graduate.

The National Boards, along with other regional and state licensing exams, are required to practice dental hygiene and employment. Ivy Tech Community College’s Dental Hygiene program is accredited by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation. Once the student has completed the required program coursework, they earn an Associate of Science degree.

“Our class of 2014 has many things to be proud of, including their achievement of a 100% pass rate,” says Joyce Hudson, dental hygiene program chair. “The students are now well on their way to reaching their goals in dental hygiene and our staff and faculty are elated to be part of their journey.”

The exam consists of two sessions. First, a 200 question multiple-choice test covering three major areas: Scientific Basis for Dental Hygiene Practice, Provision of Clinical Dental Hygiene Services and Community Health/Research Principles. The second is a 150 question case-based portion where students are faced with real-life scenarios and asked to assess the patient along with providing a diagnosis. 

The Dental Hygiene program not only benefits the student, but also the community. In a unique learning setup, patients are residents of Madison County and neighboring communities who receive low-cost basic dental services. Students receive hands-on training while under the supervision of a licensed dentist and licensed dental hygienists. Services include teeth cleaning, x-rays and oral cancer screenings. The clinic houses ten treatment areas, two radiology rooms with digital radiography, a sterilization center and a reception and waiting area.

“Ivy Tech Community College prides itself on high quality education and community support,” says James Willey, campus president of the Anderson campus. “Once our students complete our program, we are proud to say that the majority of these skilled, educated and talented individuals stay in our communities and are employed at the finest dental facilities in the state.”

Ivy Tech Community College’s Dental Hygiene program also offers a local anesthesia continuing education course for dental hygienists, and a coronal polishing and fluoride continuing education course for dental assistants.


Corporate Clout Chips Away at Organic Standards

More mockery of democratic principles:

Without any input from the public, the USDA changed the way the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) decides which non-organic materials are allowed in certified organic. The change all but guarantees that when the NOSB meets every six months, the list of non-organic and synthetic materials allowed in organic will get longer and longer.

The USDA’s new rule plays to the cabal of the self-appointed organic elite who want to degrade organic standards and undermine organic integrity. For consumers, farmers, co-ops and businesses committed to high organic standards, the USDA’s latest industry-friendly move is a clarion call to fight back against the corporate-led, government-sanctioned attack on organic standards.


Corporate Clout Chips Away at Organic Standards.

New FDA Food Label Rules Ignore the GMO Elephant in the Room

Under the proposed new rules, food manufacturers will be required to list more realistic (as in larger) serving sizes, and display the calorie count in large, bold type. The new labels will also provide a more detailed breakdown of the types of sugar contained in products. And instead of listing vitamins A and C, new labels will list vitamin D and potassium, because, the FDA said, it has evidence that “people are not consuming enough of these nutrients to protect against chronic diseases.”

Nothing wrong with these changes. But when is the last time you read a petition demanding the FDA list vitamin D on labels? Or a news article about tens, or hundreds of thousands of consumers clamoring for a more accurate breakdown of the sugar content in their foods?

What consumers really want to know is whether or not their food has been genetically engineered. And anyone who’s paying attention knows that this issue-labeling of GMOs-has for the past two-and-a-half years dominated the public discourse around food policy and labeling.

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Six Crimes Against Nature Perpetrated by the Food Industry

We really need to get a grip on this people. I know it is easier to stay in denial, but we are promoting this behavior when we opt for fast food and grocery bought meat products. They can clean them and present them nicely, but the extreme abuse these animals experience are captured in their bodies and passed along to us when we consume their meat.

We are condoning this behavior and actually poisoning ourselves and our families.

If you read the comments after articles like these, there is someone asking how the employees can tolerate this abuse. Many cannot. Most of Big Ag relies on illegal immigrant labor who will work for cheap and won’t run to local newspapers or officials. Why? Because they will be deported.

It’s hilarious to watch the republicans take a stand against immigration reform and the media to spin all the reasons why immigration bill is dragging. Big Ag is why it is dragging – more specifically – Big Meat.

They don’t want their employees having access to wages that are floors and protections under the federal law. They need to maintain control over them so there are no whistle-blowers. Big Meat has already used their influence over state governments via ALEC to get legislation protecting their farming practices from journalists and animal activists.

Six Crimes Against Nature Perpetrated by the Food Industry.

Clarifying Intuition with a Pendulum – Daily Om

Madisyn Taylor writes:

The process, known as “dowsing” or “divining,” is also useful to check our energy centers or even to find lost articles. Whether it is our energy or the whispers of our guides creating the motion, the pendulum helps us better understand the secret language of spirit.

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DailyOM – Understanding All Sides

Do you sometimes only look at your life from one angle? Are you all about career, or education, or money?

There are many ways to look at things, so it is always good to gain a different perspective before proceeding making decisions. Don’t get locked in to one way of viewing your life – ask a friend to help if you get stuck.

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DailyOM – Staying True to Your Word

Integrity is the foundation of civilization, allowing people to live, work, and play side by side without fear or apprehension. As you cultivate honesty within yourself, you will find that your honor and reliability put people at ease. Others will feel comfortable seeking out your friendship and collaborating with you on projects of great importance, certain that their positive expectations will be met.

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