Anthony Cody: Why CTU Rejection of Common Core Matters

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Anthony Cody hails the Chicago Teachers Union for its unanimous vote to reject Common Core.

This vote is important for many reasons. First, it undermines the repeated (and false) claim that almost all teachers favor CC.

Second, it recognizes that CTU is worried about the standardization and double-duty testing, as well as the loss of creativity that CC will bring.

Third, Cody believes that the CTU vote will encourage other locals to speak out and voice their concerns, not only about the problems of CC, but the diversion if billions of taxpayer dollars to corporations and vendors.

Cody believes that Randi Weingarten’s recent statements indicate that she is growing skeptical about the CC.

The issue is likely to be hotly debated when the AFT holds its national convention in Los Angeles this summer. California has not yet suffered the CCSS testing, but LA lost thousands if teachers while Superintendent Deasy…

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Eric Hedin promoted; discussions between Ball State and creationist legislatures have unclear outcome

Why Evolution Is True

I seem have gotten this link from about a dozen readers. Eric Hedin, who was at the center of Indiana’s Ball State University (BSU) intelligent-design fracas, has been promoted to associate professor at BSU. As you may recall, Hedin was teaching an Honors Physics and Astronomy course, heavily larding it with intelligent-design (ID) and religious materials, with his apparent purpose of being to reveal God’s hand in nature. According to reports, Hedin also proselytized his students for Christianity, saying, for instance, that creation was due to the Abrahamic God because no “Hindu monkey god” could have done that.

After the Freedom from Religion Foundation wrote a protest to BSU, its president Jo Ann Gora, convened a committee to investigate the matter, and the outcome was that a) Hedin could no longer teach ID or push religion on his students, and b) BSU wasn’t going to teach any form of intelligent design as science (see Gora’s uncompromising statement here).

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Target told us why it refrigerated Doritos – but why lock up Cheetos

US Food Safety

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